Part-load Performance Characteristics of a Novel Nutating-disk Engine

T. Korakianitis (UK), L. Meyer, and M. Boruta (USA)


power plant performance, power generation


The core of the engine is a mutating non-rotating disk, with the centre of its hub mounted in the middle of a Z-shaped shaft. In the basic configuration a portion of the disk is used for intake and compression, a portion is used to seal against a centre casing, and the remaining portion is used for expansion and exhaust. The compressed air is admitted to an external accumulator, and then into an external combustion chamber before it is admitted to the power side of the disk. The engine's unique arrangement flexibility allows several alternative multi-disk and shaft engine configurations, each selected for a different application. The external combustion chamber enables the engine to operate on variable compression ratio. Variations in cycle temperature ratio and compression ratio enable the engine to effectively become a variable-cycle engine, allowing significant flexibility for maximum efficiency or power or other optimizing function for on-ground, stationary or airborne applications. The engine has unique advantages over other prime movers in the 10-500 kW power range.

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