Solar Turbine Power Stations with Floating Solar Chimneys

C.D. Papageorgiou (Greece)


Solar Power Station, Floating Solar Chimney.


A solar turbine power station (STPS) has three major components : A solar collector A solar chimney A set of turbo generators The efficiency of an STPS is roughly proportional to the area of the solar collector and the height of the solar chimney. In the present paper a new idea of constructing solar chimneys is presented. The proposed solar chimney is made by double wall consisting of light enduring layered fabric, used in balloon and airship industry, filled with light gas (He,NH3) that permits to the chimney to self float. This solar chimney is named Floating Solar Chimney (FSC). In the present paper it is explained how the main dimensions for STPS and material costs for FSCs are estimated, for a given power output of STPS. FSCs with height around 3000m can be constructed using common materials and large STPSs with FSCs have cost less than 1 USD/W and can produce more than 3KWh/W per year.

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