External Wind Effects on Floating Solar Chimney

C.D. Papageorgiou (Greece)


Floating Solar Chimney, wind effects, Weibull


The floating solar chimney (FSC) is a new invented idea for constructing very tall solar chimneys for large solar turbine power stations (STPS). The FSC can self-float due to its construction by double wall made by light enduring fabric, filled with light inflammable gas (NH3,He). The FSC can decline due to its base construction mainly as an accordion type folding part. Due to this construction the FSC can encounter effectively the external winds. Assuming a Weibull statistics for local winds in the place of the FSC the annual average height, due to its decline is calculated. Finally the FSC, made by several independently attached to its base parts and united successively by isolation balloon rings, can encounter the wind speed variation with altitude.

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