Real-Time Simulation Model of Wind Parks

K. Johnsen (Denmark, Sweden) and B. Eliasson (Sweden)


Modelling and simulation of power systems, renewable energy sources, wind farms, real-time simulation,


As wind turbines are introduced in larger and larger quantities in power systems, it becomes more and more vital to be able to perform power system studies. For this use, an aggregate wind farm model for use in real-time power system studies is presented in this paper. MATLAB/Simulink is used to model the wind farm, to operate with the ARISTO (Advanced Real-time Interactive Simulator for Training and Operation) simulator system. Using the MATLAB/Simulink environment in model development features high adaptability and makes it possible to model what ever is needed. The wind farm model presented here is based the aggregate wind farm principle, on basis of the so-called "Danish concept" for wind turbines. The paper will present and discuss the model and its performance.

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