A System for the Generation and Detection of Electrical Disturbances

I. Monedero, C. León, J. Ropero, J.L. de la Vega, J.C. Montaño, and J.M. Elena (Spain)


Power quality, electrical disturbance, Wavelet transform, neural network. 1.-


. Power Quality is defined as the study of the quality of electric power lines. The detection and classification of the different disturbances which cause power quality problems is a difficult task which requires a high level of engineering expertise. Thus, neural networks are usually a good choice for the detection and classification of these disturbances. This paper describes a powerful system, developed by the Institute for Natural Resources and Agrobiology at the Scientific Research Council (CSIC) and the Electronic Technology Department at the University of Seville, for the generation and detection (by means of neural networks) of electrical disturbances.

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