A Control Method for Electric Vehicle System Independently Driving Front and Rear Wheels

N. Mutoh, T. Kazama, and T.S. Lee (Japan)


Electric vehicle, SM, IM, Fail-safe


A new type electric vehicle (EV) drive system is proposed which has suitable functions for an urban car to easily cope with common situations such as traffic jams, and starting and stopping operations, and the special situation of failure of the motor drive system while running on city routs. The proposed electric vehicle drive system has a permanent magnet synchronous motor (SM) for the front wheel drive and an induction motor (IM) for the rear wheel drive. The torque reference generated by the accelerator is first applied to the SM for driving front wheels. When the EV can run with the torque which SM generates, a speed regulator generates the torque reference of the IM so that the speed between the SM and IM may be in agreement. When the torque of the SM runs short, the IM for driving the rear wheel shares the insufficient torque. That is, torque distribution according to run states can be performed between the front and rear wheels. Since the front and rear-wheel drive systems have been independent completely each other, fail-sale drives can also be performed even if one of systems break down. Various functions have been verified through simulations and experiences with an experimental driving apparatus equivalent to the actual system. .

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