A Hybrid Carrier-based Hysteresis Current Controller for PWM Rectifiers using an Internal Voltage Reference Signal to Achieve a PWM Cycle Zero Current-Error

J. Salmon and H. Zhang (Canada)


: Converter Controllers, PWM Techniques, Mod elling and Simulation, Rectifier Technology.


A current-controller is described for 1-phase pwm rectifiers that combines the functionality of hysteresis-based and carrier based controllers. A carrier-based unipolar PWM delta modu lator using a voltage reference signal, is used to illustrate how a fixed switching PWM frequency can obtained using delta modulated reference signals. The adoption of an integrator in these generic PWM controllers makes their operation function ally similar to a 1-phase PWM rectifier current-controller. Analysis of the signals generated in these controllers, using sig nals of per-unit magnitude, is used to define the ideal nominal scaling factor for the current-error signal that should be used in the functionally equivalent current-controller. Simulation waveforms are used to illustrate that once the nominal gain for the current-error signal has been fixed, the resultant current controller is insensitive to parameter changes such as the sup ply inductance. Finally, the current-controller is implemented using an internally generated voltage reference signal.

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