Portfolio Management with Multi-Agent Systems in the Deregulated German Electricity Market

R. Biernatzki, B. Bitzer (Germany), H. Convey, and A.J. Hartley (UK)


Power Market Regulation and Deregulation, Electricity Demand Management, Multi-agent system Deregulation in Germany On the 19th February in 1997 the European Electricity directive (96/92/EC) beca


The continuous development of the liberalised energy trading markets like Scandinavia provides experiential data that can be transferred to the German and continental Europe energy trading markets. There is a increasing tendency for companies to leave their existing firm long term supply agreements for a real time supply and/or distribution optimisation. With the possibilities of structured products, they can readjust their cost and/or revenue structure and stay competitive [1]. Following the establishment of whole sale markets like energy exchanges and OTC trading platforms, IT-Tools supporting energy traders/brokers will have a greater significance. In this paper the current state of deregulation in Germany is presented first. Furthermore, current research on new IT concepts using agent technology for managing a product portfolio in the liberalised energy market will be presented by a demonstrator. With the support of the EEX (European Energy Exchange), a portfolio management tool has been designed, based on their studies about future and spot markets. This research is part of the EU funded RTD project INNOPSE (Innovation studio and exemplary developments for Product Service Engineering), which is co-ordinated by the South-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Soest, Germany.

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