Intelligent Decision Support System for an Electric Energy Distribution Utility

J. Nascimento Garcez, U. Holanda Bezerra, and R.C. Limão de Oliveira (Brazil)


- Power Quality - Energy Distribution - Decision Support Systems - Interactive Activation and Competition Network - Economic Losses - Equipment Damages


This paper presents an Interactive Activation and Competition network based Decision Support System (DSS - IAC) for helping distribution engineers in better judgement and decision making for damage responsibilities and economic losses in residential, commercial and industrial power users, caused by power quality disturbances. The overall framework of the DSS IAC stems from four interfaces: DSS IAC and a Database of Network Occurrences, DSS IAC and a Database of Failures Modes, DSS IAC and a Database of Power Quality Measurements and the DSS IAC and a Distribution Engineers Technical Analysis and Decision Making. The DSS - IAC was developed in a technological research project, undergoing a series of field tests, to ensure advantages of its usage. It has proven reliable and effective in a pilot project, contributing for realizing substantial benefits for the utility, such as, cost reductions and superior trust in decision making.

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