Turbogenerator Thermal Test Verifying Cooling System Modernization

T.B. Paspalovski, Dragan D. Hristovski, and Damjan D. Hristovski (FYROM)


Power plants, electrical machines, turbogenerator, coolingsystem modernization


In this paper are described the thermal condition tests on the Turbogenerator (TG) type TVV-200-2A before the modernization of the cooling system and after. There is also description of the modernization of the cooling system. There are given comparative test results of both examinations. The thermal condition tests were performed in different operational conditions. Given results are related to TG N0 2. The tests are conducted because of the rising of the nominal power of the TG in Power Plant Station (PPS) "Bitola". The tests were performed together with the specialists of the original equipment manufacturer.

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