Dual-Axial Flux PM Motor Drive for High Capacity Forklifts

G. De Donato, L. Del Ferraro, F. Giulii Capponi, and O. Honorati (Italy)


AFPM synchronous motor, ac brushless drives, forklifts


The growing development of power electronics and control systems have made possible a research for novel solutions for motor drives in all the fields of electrical traction. In particular, ac technology, in despite of a greater complexity of the system, shows better dynamic performances, lower maintenance costs and a major compactness. In the field of forklifts, brushed dc motors are widely used and the ac technology is still moving its first steps. Aim of this paper is to present a brushless motor drive which makes use of PMSM motors. It is demonstrated that the adoption of such motors leads to a series of advantages that makes this solution very attractive for future production.

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