An Agent based System for Electrical Components Protection

L. Ippolito and P. Siano (Italy)


Vulnerability assessment, multi agent systems,transformer protection, TSK fuzzy.


In order to manage the electric system complexity, a technological expansion of the grid's capacity is necessary making use of electronic, communications and information based innovations, as data network communications combined with intelligent equipment and microprocessors, known as distributed computing. This paper deals with the implementation of a multi agent based architecture for electrical devices control and protection. A case study in which the architecture is applied to a power transformer is described. In particular, for the realization of the protective overload system, integrated on the proposed multi agent system, a Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) fuzzy model is identified by means of a genetic algorithm in order to reproduce the thermal behaviour of mineral-oil-filled power transformers. Some laboratory experiments, confirming the effectiveness of the proposed multi agent based architecture, are carried out and presented.

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