Modeling Non-Dispatchable Wind Energy Sources in Generating Capacity Reliability Planning

A.A. Chowdhury (USA) and D.O. Koval (Canada)


Wind energy, intermittent energy source, non-dispatchability, reliability planning, storage.


- Utilization of the wind for electric power generation is increasingly being considered as a possible generation alternative due to the rising interest in sources of energy that are renewable and without harmful environmental effects. In addition, difficult global economic and political conditions are tending to make countries depend more on their own resources and rely less on imported fuels. Wind is, however, not always available, and conventional generation sources must provide power to meet demands in these quiescent periods. It is therefore necessary to include energy limitations in the reliability evaluation of wind energy conversation systems (WECS). The paper presents energy-based models that permit the integration of wind energy sources in conventional generation system adequacy evaluation.

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