Evaluation of Effective Location for Power System Stabilizer by Means of Prony Analysis

Y. Yanase, M. Goto, Y. Yokomizu, and T. Matsumura (Japan)


Small-signal stability, Prony analysis, eigenvalue, power system stabilizer, effective location.


Installing power system stabilizer (PSS) to control gener ator excitation systems is one among the methods used to enhance the small-signal stability of power systems. Nev ertheless, the identification of optimum sites for stabilizer application may be complicated. By means of Prony anal ysis, the present paper examines the selection of generat ing units on which to install the PSS to damp oscillations. Prony analysis was applied to three kinds of waveform data (active power output, rotor angle and speed deviation of generator). The eigenvalue for each data from Prony anal ysis was compared with the eigenvalue calculated by using S Matrix method. It was found that the data for the ac tive power output can be used particularly as input data in Prony analysis to evaluate the effective application of the PSS. In addition, a method based on the amplitude and the phase for each low-frequency mode was introduced to find out the best candidates for stabilization among the gener ating units. The method was explained throughout a case study.

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