Design of a Fuzzy Controller for FACTS Devices to Damp Power System Oscillation

A. Kazemi and M.V. Sohrphoroozan (Iran)


--FACTS devices, Power System Stabilizer (PSS),Fuzzy controllers, Injection model, Power system oscillations, Damping.


--This paper presents a new approach to the implementation of the FACTS devices based on a simple fuzzy logic proportional plus conventional integral controller in a multi - machine power system. The proposed controller uses a combination of a FLC and a PI controller. In comparison with the existing fuzzy controllers, the proposed fuzzy controller combines the advantages of a FLC and a conventional PI controller. By applying this controller to the FACTS devices such as UPFC, TCSC and SVC the damping of multimodal oscillations in a multi - machine power system will be handled properly. In addition, the paper considers the conventional PI controller and compares its performance with respect to the proposed fuzzy controller. Finally, several fault and load disturbance simulation results are presented to highlight the effectiveness of the proposed FACTS controller in a multi machine power system.

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