Scheduling of Head-Sensitive Cascaded Hydro Systems: A Comparison based on Numerical Simulation Results

J.P.S. Catalão, S.J.P.S. Mariano, V.M.F. Mendes, and L.A.F.M. Ferreira (Portugal)


Hydro scheduling, optimization methods, numerical simulation, cascaded reservoirs and variable head


In the present day, with the deregulation of the electric power sector, business is recognized as a bid to win the best profit. In this new and competitive environment, a hydroelectric power utility has to decide the optimal management of the inflows and the water stored in its reservoirs, maximizing profit from selling energy without compromising future potential profit. This paper is on the problem of short-term hydro scheduling, concerning head-sensitive cascaded reservoirs, and the algorithmic aspects of its solution. We propose and compare optimization methods based on dynamic programming, linear and non-linear network programming. Finally, based on numerical simulation results, we report and illustrate our experience.

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