A New Model of PV Nodes in Distribution Networks Backward/Forward Analysis

A. Augugliaro, L. Dusonchet, S. Favuzza, M.G. Ippolito, and E. Riva Sanseverino (Italy)


Dispersed generation, Iterative methods, Load flow analysis, Power Distribution.


In this paper a new model of PV nodes is developed; the model is aimed for the distribution systems load flow analysis and, in particular, for the iterative forward/backward method. If the network is weakly meshed, it is turned into radial by means of cuts and compensation currents. After the presentation of the general problem and the state of the art on the subject, the equations expressing the unknowns for the PV nodes are treated in detail. These equations belong to the forward sweep of the algorithm. The methodology has been implemented and applied so as to test its performance in terms of calculation times and precision. The obtained results confirm the efficiency of the proposed approach.

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