Spectrum of the Emitted Electromagnetic Radiation during Dielectric Ageing of Polymeric Solid Insulators under HVDC Stress

P.G. Halaris, P.T. Tsarabaris, M.P. Paisios, C.G. Karagiannopoulos, and P.D. Bourkas (Greece)


Power Transmission and Distribution, Solid PolymericInsulators, Electromagnetic Radiation, High-VoltageMeasurements.


In this work, an experimental study of the spectrum of the emitted radiation during dielectric ageing of solid polymeric insulating materials during HVDC stress is made. For this purpose, samples of various insulators with a relative permittivity er=2.5-4.5 (e.g. press-pan, pertinax, etc.) were used. The experimental results show that the spectrum of the emitted electromagnetic radiation during dielectric ageing of the examined materials under HVDC stress extends to the ultraviolet region. This is in agreement with other results regarding AC or impulse voltage stress.

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