Field Measurements of Leakage Current on Porcelain and RTV Silicone Rubber Coated Insulators

K. Siderakis, D. Agoris, and E. Thalassinakis (Greece)


RTV SIR Coatings, leakage current, field measurements,frequency spectrum, wetting mechanism.


RTV SIR Coatings represent an efficient solution for preventing pollution flashovers, in cases where composite housings are not available or the cost of replacement is remarkable. The advantage of hydrophobicity is also available in the case of coatings providing an improved performance in comparison to the uncoated insulators. However aging phenomena will limit the lifetime of the coating and surface activity will take place. Leakage current is a parameter that can provide information regarding the performance of the material. In this paper field measurements of leakage current on coated and uncoated insulators are presented and analyzed in respect to the wetting mechanism.

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