Transient Stability of Multimachine Power Systems with Decentralized Finite Time Excitation Control

H.E. Psillakis and A.T. Alexandridis (Greece)


Multimachine system, power system stability, finite-timeexcitation control, decentralized control.


In this paper, a multimachine power system is considered and a new nonlinear excitation control scheme for each machine is proposed. The well-known nonlinear multimachine power system model is linearized and decoupled for each generator over the whole operating region by using the direct feedback linearization technique; then, the resulting model of each generator appears to be in the triple integrator form. On this model, a novel nonlinear finite-time controller is applied, i.e. a controller that leads each machine to converge to the equilibrium in finite-time. Therefore, a completely decentralized model and control results. To evaluate the performance of the proposed control scheme, a two machine infinite bus power system is considered. Short circuit faults and step increases in the mechanical input power are addressed by extensive simulations that demonstrate the efficiency of the method.

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