A Neuro-Control Approach for Flexible AC Transmission Systems

N.M. Hanoon, K.B. Basu, and O.M. Ahtiwash (Malaysia)


Neuro-control, radial basis function, FACTS, transient stability


A neuro-control approach for flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) based on radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) is presented in this paper. The proposed scheme consists of a single neuron network whose input is derived from the active or reactive power or voltage derivation at the power system bus, where the FACTS device (in this case an unified power flow controller) is located. The performance and usefulness of this approach is tested and evaluated using both single machine infinite-bus and two-machine power system subjected to various transient disturbances. It was found that the new intelligent controller for FACTS exhibits a superior dynamic performance in compensation to the existing classical control schemes. Its simple architecture reduces the computational overhead, thereby real-time implementation.

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