Design of Robust Controllers via a Separation Procedure for Small-Signal Angle Stability

A.B. Nassif, A.F. Domingues, M.C. de Oliveira, L.C.P. da Silva, and V.F. da Costa (Brazil)


Angle stability, dynamic modes of instability,bifurcations, PSS, LMI, H2 norm, robust control.


This work proposes a design technique of robust controllers using a separation procedure for damping power systems low frequency electromechanical oscillations. This procedure attempts to find a sub optimal output-feedback controller in which the H2 norm is minimized. The system analyzed is a single machine connected to an infinite bus via a loss-less transmission line. The design constraints are modeled by the use of LMI (Linear Matrix Inequalities), and all operating conditions of the system are represented as uncertainties, varying as the loading factor varies.

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