Comparison of PSS, SVC and STATCOM for Damping Power System Local Mode Oscillations

A.B. Nassif, A.F. Domingues, M.C. de Oliveira, L.C.P. da Silva, and V.F. da Costa (Brazil)


Angle stability, dynamic modes of instability,bifurcations, FACTS, PSS, SVC, STATCOM.


This work investigates the effects of three controllers, the PSS (Power System Stabilizer), and two FACTS devices, namely SVC (Static VAR Compensator) and STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator), on small-signal power system angle stability. This investigation is carried out for a single machine connected to an infinite bus via a loss-less transmission line. The study is based on investigation of the eigenvalues of the linearized power system model in the framework of dynamic bifurcation theory. The simulations results presented enable a comparative analysis of the effects of these controllers on damping power systems low frequency electromechanical oscillations.

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