Simulation Model of a Hybrid Power Generation System for Humanoid Robots

F. Tappero and T. Kato (Japan)


Hybrid, portable, power generation system, fuel cell,humanoid robot.


Hybrid energy systems have been the target of extensive research and are commonly adopted in all those applications where one single technology is not sufficient to provide enough power density or enough energy density. To date, the hybrid system approach has been mainly adopted for automotive applications. In this paper we propose a simulation model, made in the Matlab Simulink environment, aimed at analyzing and developing a hybrid power generation system for humanoid robots. The hybrid system under investigation consists of a solid oxide fuel cell module, a Lithium-ion secondary battery and a Super Capacitor. Being compact and fully portable, it fits on-board a human-size robot and provides greater autonomy and greater power capability than commonly available. A detailed analysis of the simulation model is given, along with simulation results of the power generation system designed for this specific application.

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