Real-Time Simulation Studies of Large Scale Integration of Wind Power in Southern Sweden

K. Johnsen (Denmark)


Distributed generation, power system planning andcontrol, renewable energy sources, modeling andsimulation of power systems


This paper describes simulation studies of large scale integration of wind turbines in the Swedish electric power system. The simulations are made on transmission level using the real-time simulation tool ARISTO, and regard a case where wind farms have been introduced southern part of Sweden to replace the nuclear power plant, Barsebck. The simulation studies are made using the Nordic 32 test system, where wind farms are introduced using the aggregate wind farm principle. The simulations indicate that under both stable and faulty operations two problems are worth noticing: Problems with maintaining a stable voltage level and the latent risk of wind farm trigging power oscillations. These problems can be coped with by increased electric power system operator constraints on wind farms introduced. These constraints should include demands of increased active and reactive power controllability

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