PLC Signal Propagation Modeling

D. Sabolić, V. Varda, and A. Bažant (Croatia)


Power-Line Communications, Propagation, Model,Frequency Domain.


Here we present a propagation model for Power-Line Communication (PLC) networks, based on a frequency domain analysis. First we set a simple two-port model of a network and calculate complex attenuation factor from the z-parameters, which are expressed in terms of impedances easily calculable/measurable from the network's ports. We provide all the elements for a simple and efficient propagation model, including propagation by crosstalk between different circuits in e.g. three phase networks, as well as influence of the loads connected to the ports of different circuits on such networks. We conclude that the model shown is suitable for PLC channels simulations, giving very accurate results and enabling modeling of wide band channel characteristics.

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