Measurements and Computations of Inductive Interference Caused by Three Power Transmission Lines on a Gas Pipeline in a Complex Rights-of-Way

G.C. Christoforidis, D.P. Labridis, P.S. Dokopoulos, N. Kioupis, and G.P. Christoforidis (Greece)


Finite element methods, gas pipelines, inductiveinterference, power transmission lines.


The interference caused by power transmission lines to buried gas pipelines is under investigation for many years. Situations where a pipeline is influenced by more than one power lines are more frequent, thus making the interaction more complex. Even under normal operating conditions, voltages and currents are induced on the pipeline that may pose danger to working personnel or may accelerate the corrosion of the pipeline's metal. In this paper, a case study taken from the Greek Transmission System is demonstrated. Measurements of the induced voltage on certain locations of a pipeline section are compared with theoretical calculations. These calculations comprise finite element computations and circuit analysis. Results presented show that the induced voltage on the pipeline is heavily influenced on the loading of each of the power lines, which must be known throughout the common route. Also, for an accurate calculation of the induced parameters, it is recommended that the coupling between all conductors of the problem should be taken into consideration.

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