Electrical and Computer Engineering: Studies, Students, Academic Staff and Women Representation

M.G. Ioannides, I.K. Papaioannou, and F.G. Ioannidou (Greece)


Electrical engineering, Computer Engineering, students, academic staff, women


The number of women which study in higher education institutions is increasing but still a small percent are students in engineering. The percents of female students and graduates are low in both electrical engineering and in computer engineering as well. Also low is the percent of women in academic staff and it becomes lower as higher is the academic position. On the other hand, the percent of women in the administrative staff jobs is higher than the percent of men. To increase the awareness of the universities about the under representation of women in electrical and computer engineering the European Thematic Network ESTIA-Net was initiated. Its outputs are expected to help women as students and as professionals to become more successful in their careers.

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