Design of Portable Audio Device for Copyright Protection using Digital Audio Watermarking

D. Shin, J. Kim, B. Song, D. Rhee, K. Bae, and J. Choi (Korea)


Audio watermarking, copy control, copyright protection


In this paper, we propose audio watermarking algorithm based on the critical band of human auditory sys tem(HAS) without audibly affecting the quality of water marked audio. According to the audio quality test, the SNR(signal to noise ratio) of the watermarked audio ob jectively is 80dB above and subjectively don't nearly per ceive the difference between watermarked audio and original. In the robustness test, the proposed algorithm can detect the watermark more than 90% from various compression(MP3, AAC), A/D and D/A conversions, sampling rate conversions and especially asynchronizing attacks. We implement the proposed algorithm in portable au dio player for copyright protection. The implemented PD(portable device) extracts 2 bits per 15 seconds. If the extracted bits are `11', the PD stops playing the illegal song and PD supports the SDMI(secure digital music ini tiative) requirements.

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