A Robust Technique for Copyright Protection of BMP Images

M. Razeen, M. Baig, A. Ali, and N.M. Sheikh (Pakistan)


Intellectual property protection, steganography, digital watermarking, image protection, copyright protection, information hiding


Intellectual property protection of digital media involves its copy and copyright protection. There is a wide array of digital content like images, documents, audio, video, and software, which needs to be protected from illegal use. Though digital watermarking and steganography are older phenomena but recently their importance has increased due to their profound usage in copyright protection of digital media. This paper discusses a steganography technique to protect bitmap images. This technique is an enhancement to the BPCS (Bit Plane Complexity Segmentation) based steganography. Information hiding in bitmap images is more difficult than in that of compressed images. Similarly attacking such images is also difficult. A password is needed to protect the image. The resultant image is also a bitmap image that is visually the same as the original image. The cover work, which is hidden in the image, can be any type of the file. The benefit of this scheme is its large capacity of message embedding. This technique is very useful for hiding copyright or other usage information in the image.

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