An Adaptive Modulation Technique for Spread Spectrum Video Watermarking

S. Sener, H. Demirel, and M. Gkmen (Turkey)


Watermarking, image, video, adaptive modulation, spreadspectrum.


Spread-spectrum (SS) watermarking stands as one of the most robust watermarking techniques in the literature, for years. In this study, we present a new modulation technique for adaptive encoding and effective detection of direct-sequence SS watermarks. We aim at decreasing the bit-errors due to the interference from the signal that is to be marked, and eliminate the defects due to the trade-off between the robustness and the imperceptibility of the watermark. We evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme under several watermark bit rates using uncompressed video signal and experimentally show that a significant improvement for SS watermarking can be obtained using the proposed scheme, which we call Adaptive Spread Spectrum (ASS) watermarking.

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