Invariant Lips Extraction for Variation of Horizontal Direction

T. Akashi, M. Fukumi, and N. Akamatsu (Japan)


Lips Image, Genetic Algorithm, Template Matching


In this paper, as a new visual front end of audio-visual speech recognition systems, a simple method for lips re gion extraction is proposed. This method has robustness for varying shape and three-dimensional geometric changes by using only one image template. The image data is repre sented by x component (redness) of the Yxy colour space. The system environment is that a camera and human head run around separately for mobile devices. In our previous study, we tried to extract lips region, which has varying shape by speech, and the geometric changes of lips on two dimension. Then, we extend this previous method to three dimension by using projective geometry. In our simula tions, we try to extract lips region from a face image with background, varying shape by speech, geometric changes, and face horizontal direction change. By this simulation, we can obtain high extraction accuracy.

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