Features Extraction using a Gabor Filter Family

D. Zheng, Y. Zhao, and J. Wang (PRC)


Features extraction, Gabor filters, Gabor filter family, texture feature, and character feature


Gabor filters possess the optimal localization properties in both spatial and frequency domain, and they have been suc cessfully used in many applications. But how to design a set of befitting Gabor filters for a specific application has maybe puzzled many users for a long time. In this paper, we purpose designing a common set of Gabor filters a Gabor filter family to solve the problem. The Gabor fil ters in the family are well combined to capture the whole frequency spectrum in all directions. And we can extract many meaningful features using the Gabor filter family. Experimental results in textures and characters demonstrate these features commendably expressing the local informa tion with the different frequencies and orientations in the image. The Gabor filter family designed by us can be also used in some other applications.

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