SVM-based Speaker Verification Algorithm for Match-on-Card

W.-Y. Choi, K. Lee, S.B. Pan, and Y. Chung (Korea)


Speaker verification, support vector machine, match-oncard


Using biometrics to verify a person's identity has several advantages over the present practices of Personal Identification Numbers(PINs) and passwords. Also, as the VLSI technology has been improved, the smart card employing 32-bit RISC processors have been released recently. To gain maximum security in the verification system using biometrics, the computation of the verification as well as the store of the biometric pattern has to take place in the smart card. However, there is an open issue of integrating biometrics into the smart card because of its limited resources(processing power and memory space). In this paper, we propose a speaker verification algorithm using Support Vector Machine(SVM) with very small amount of features, and implemented it on a 32-bit smart card. The proposed algorithm can reduce the required memory space by a factor of 175 on average and can be executed in real-time on a 32-bit smart card with acceptable error rate.

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