A Study on Video Data Storing and Distribution Method for Multi-quality Per Content

M. Kodama and S. Suzuki (Japan)


MPEG-2, Scalability encoding


In global communication, video data are transformed in order to watch low and high resolution image and used in video contents repository. For example, when users want to select image quality in video distribution services, video contents servers have to store video contents at various resolution per content, and choose a specified data to transfer. In this case, once users watch a video clip, if users want the different quality data of it, to send the same contents again to the user over network is not efficient as usage of public network. Once the core video data is sent to users, differential data should only be distributed. Therefore we focus on scalability technology. In this paper, we classify the users request procedures at two quality video distribution system and propose a video scalability method to improve the utilizations of the storage in video distribution server and network.

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