A Frame-skipping Method for Multiview Sequence CODEC

J.E. Lim, Yontae Kim, and K. Sohn (Korea)


Rate-control, Frame-skipping, 3D Multiview sequenceCODEC


This paper presents a frame-skipping method for multiview sequence CODEC. We remodel the quadratic rate-distortion model for 3D multiview sequences based on their picture types. The proposed the frame-skipping method prevents potential buffer overflow and/or underflow. It performs based on correlations between view and time domain at low bit rates. Finally, the encoder could allocate more bits for other frames so as to perform higher image quality and reduce buffer overflow without losing bits. The proposed algorithm shows improvements in rate control as well as in PSNR compared to a method without frame-skipping. It also provides more accurate rate control and higher image quality than TM5 and TMN8 at low bit rates.

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