True Positive Reduction Method of Cancer Candidates on FDG-PET Images using Image Registration

T. Tozaki, T. Fujimoto, M. Senda, S. Sakamoto, and K. Matsumoto (Japan)


FDG-PET, computer aided diagnosis, cancer nodule, cancer candidates, image registration, SID method


Now we are studying the computer aided diagnosis method of cancer nodule on the FDG-PET Images. This system aims that semi-automatic cancer nodule detection. But this system does not reach the practical use because of some problems. The measure factor of these problems is the over estimation of the true positive shade. In this paper, we propose the reduction method of true positive shades on the FDG-PET images using the image registration method. This procedure is as follows. At first, we calculate the ups and downs of the intensity undulations, and we divide the FDG-PET images into some regions to get the cancer can didates. On this account we calculate Gauss curvature and mean curvature of a FDG-PET image. The second, we cal culate the distance between the interesting image and the other normal image with the image registration method. We use SID method as the image registration. The third, we estimate the cancer candidate on the FDG-PET image as to normal tissue or abnormal tissue by the SID value. And we show the availability of this method by showing the results of reduced true positive.

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