Robust Motion Estimation for Video Sequences based on Phase-Only Correlation

H.C. Loy and T. Aoki (Japan)


robust motion estimation, phase-only correlation,SAD, full search, hierarchical search


In this paper, we present a robust Phase-Only Correla tion (POC)-based motion estimation method for video sequences. Robust motion estimation is indispensable for many applications such as mesh-based video cod ing, stereo vision, and super-resolution imaging. In our proposed method, the motion vector of a point in a video frame is adaptively switched between mo tion vectors obtained by two motion estimation meth ods: (i) POC-based full search and (ii) POC-based hierarchical search. This approach can reliably de tect both global and local motion in video sequences. We evaluate the robustness of our proposed method in mesh-based motion compensation. Experimental re sults show that our proposed method performs signif icantly better than conventional full search using Sum of Absolute Differences (SAD).

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