Advantage of Frequency Estimation based on Direct Sampling Control

K. Noguchi, N. Tanaka, and Y. Tadokoro (Japan)


Direct sampling control, frequency estimation, notch filter,zero-crossing information


Conventional digital signal processing can be explained as control of the amplitude domain in a signal; thus, multi plications are always required. In contrast, we examine a frequency estimation algorithm that demonstrates the pos sibility of a new digital signal processing based on active control of the time domain in a signal. This algorithm has a feature of needing a smaller number of multiplications compared with the conventional method. This paper shows the advantages of multiplication reduction in the frequency estimation algorithm. First, we introduce the principle of the proposed method. Next, we compare the proposed and conventional methods in terms of frequency estimation per formance and computational complexity. Finally, restrict ing the word length, we indicate the degradation ratio of the frequency estimation performance.

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