A Region Depth Estimation Algorithm using Motion Vector from Monocular Video Sequence

J.-M. Sohn, Y.-M. Park, C.-S. Chang, and Y.-W. Yoon (Korea)


Depth Estimation, Motion Estimation, Global MotionEstimation, Region Segmentation


The recovering 3D from 2D image requires the depth information for each picture element. The manual creation of those 3D models is time consuming and expensive. The goal in this paper is to estimate the relative depth information of every region from single view image with camera translation. The paper is based on the fact that the motion of every point within image which taken from camera translation depends on the depth. Motion vector using full-search motion estimation is compensated for camera rotation and zooming. We have developed a framework that estimates the relative depth of region to average frame depth by analyzing motion vector. Simulation results show that the depth of region belongs to a near or far object is consistent accord with relative depth that man recognizes

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