Improved Watershed Algorithm Spot Detection on Protein 2D Gel Electrophoresis Images

D.-T. Lin and J.-L. Kuo (Taiwan)


Improved watershed algorithm, Spots detection, Protein 2D gel images, Segmentation, Morphology operation, Region growing.


Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis is one of the most important techniques in proteomics research for subse quent comparison and analysis. Spots identification is among the first things of analyzing Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis images. This paper provides an im proved solution to the problem of protein spot detec tion by applying directed graph watershed transform algorithm. We have developed an adaptive mechanism to adjust the level of detail and determine the thresh old value of watershed. The over-segmentation draw back is overcome by applying directed graph version of watershed transform algorithm and morphological opening operation. Labeling and region growing tech niques are adopted to extracted individual spots fea tures. The proposed spot detection process has been implemented and tested on 15 protein gel profiles (im age size: 1498 x 1544) of porcine testis. The detection results are promising.

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