Tracking of Non-Rigid Structures Evolving on 3D Surfaces by Compensating Perspective View Deformations

W. Rekik, D. Brziat, S. Dubuisson, and N. Puff (France)


object tracking, block-matching algorithms, 3D surfaces,map projection, interpolation.


In this article, we propose a new approach to solve some 3D motion computation problems relative to spheroid geome try. Indeed, in the case of objects evolving on 3D surfaces, the projective sights of 2D acquisitions cause distortions and deformations on these objects. These phenomena can perturb the motion tracking process, because of the chang ing of aspect of the moving objects. We propose to take into account the geometry of the surface on which objects move to compute the 2D motion. The idea, is, first to project, us ing a suitable map projection, the 3D surface (including moving objects evolving on it) into a 2D one, then to com pute motion tracking by using a block matching algorithm based on correlation computation. Results are displayed for sequences of cell wall simulations.

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