Chaos Communication in Mobile Computing World

V.B. Durdi, U.V. Somanatti, and B.S. Hiremath (India)


Chaos signals, Chaos modulation, Chaos benefits,CDMA, Simulation


Chaotic communication is rather a new field in communication research. During the past 5 years, there has been a tremendous interest worldwide in possibility of exploiting chaos in wideband communication system. This paper provides the comprehensive overview of chaotic communication methods & its application in the existing digital communication technique. In this paper various chaotic modulation & demodulation techniques are discussed & simulated .The simulated numerical bit error rate results are compared with the existing classical communication. Further by exploiting the potential characteristics of the chaotic communication, the application of the chaotic communication such as spread spectrum & CDMA are discussed & simulated. Numerical simulations are reported showing that systems based on chaotic spreading are better than the conventional classical communication systems.

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