New Results of Efficient Slepian-Wolf Compression using Turbo Codes

J. Li (USA)


Distributed source coding, distributed compression, code binning, turbo codes, punctured codes


We introduce a new innovation for exploiting the algebraic binning scheme with turbo codes in distributed source coding (DSC). A simple and optimal turbo-binning scheme based on syndrome former (SF) and inverse syndrome former (ISF) was proposed in [1], but the SF/ISF construction therein works for non-punctured codes only. Since punctured turbo codes are an important class of codes, this work extends it to the punctured case. The key is to represent the punctured code in an equivalent non-punctured form and to construct the SF and ISF accordingly. We show that with punctured codes, the turbo-binning scheme is still simple, efficient and optimal. Further, the extension not only makes a large class of powerful turbo codes available to DSC, but also opens the possibility to explore rate adaptivity in turbo codes.

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