Motion-based Representation of Video Sequences using Low Level Vision

J.-H. Lee and Y.-C. Park (Korea)


Multimedia, Video Indexing, Parsing, Content-basedRetrieval, Visual Interface, Vision


The cut detection in a simple video sequence is relatively simple. But it becomes very difficult and complex when there are the video sequences, which has special effects, i.e. gradual transition scene in the sequential frames or scenes with flash between the sequential frames. Twin comparison methods were proposed earlier, but the methods also have the problem of the double calculation for applying threshold. This research review the method of detecting cuts known thus far, then analyzes and evaluates performance and reliability of those methods by experiments. This research proposes a new algorithm of detecting cuts using motion vector, and compares it with other existing methods. In addition, we simulate the synthesized video sequences that include special effects in order to prove an effectiveness of the proposed algorithm, and the results shows good status.

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