Ultrasound Image Analysis Indicates Relation of Breast Cancer and Thyroid Diseases

D. Smutek, J. Jiskra, P. Sucharda, S. Svacina, P. Maruna, and J. Kofranek (Czech Republic)


texture, ultrasound, texture features, thyroid, breastcancer, autoimmune thyroid diseases


Measurable properties of B-mode ultrasound images of thyroid gland in subjects with oncological diseases were compared in this survey. Data from 12 patients with breast cancer and 8 with colorectal cancer were analyzed in the study. Raw gray values of individual image pixels and spatial texture features were used as quantitative image features and were compared between both groups. The possible relation between quantitative ultrasound image features and serological markers of thyroid autoimmunity was analyzed. Significant correlation between serum levels of antibodies to thyroid peroxidase and image texture features was found in subject with breast cancer. On contrary, similar relation was not found in subjects with colorectal cancer. This finding shows that the high incidence of positivity of antibodies to thyroid peroxidase in patients with breast cancer is accompanied with changes in ultrasound image in thyroid gland. This work is one of the first practical applications of quantitative indicators of ultrasound image (texture features) in clinical medicine.

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