Least Significant Bit-Steganography Detection using Least Significant Bit Plane Smoothness

V. Kumar Munirajan, E. Cole, and S. Ring (USA)


Steganography, Secure communication, stego-detection,Image bit plane, Fuzzy sets, Fuzzy Inference System,


Steganography or data hiding deals with covert communication over a network or channel and attempts to secure highly trusted and sensitive data in images or sound files. In paper we attempt to review the present steganographic techniques and research if they are as secure as they claim to be and put forth a new scheme to encounter some of the issues that are not looked at in present techniques. We have utilized the phenomenon that steganographic traits could corrupt the lease significant bit plane smoothness of the carrier images. In order to establish concrete solution in terms of detection of arbitrary images found on public sources (internet), we have developed a Fuzzy Inference System. A detailed description of the method, observation and results are presented here forth.

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