Analysis of SAR Images by Multidimensional Wavelet Transform

J.-P. Ovarlez, L. Vignaud, J.-C. Castelli, M. Tria, and M. Benidir (France)


SAR Imaging, Wavelet Transform, Time-Frequency Distribution


This study takes part of the description and development of multi-dimensional continuous wavelet transform for Syn thetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image analysis, more espe cially for the analysis of "dispersive" reflectors located on a ground illuminated by a SAR. Usual imaging process makes the assumption that the reflectors are isotropic (i.e. that they behave the same way regardless of the angle from which they are viewed) and white (they have the same prop erties within the emitted frequency bandwidth). New imag ing capacities (offering large bandwidth, low band, large angular excursions of analysis, for example) make these assumptions obsolete. The goal of this paper is to present methods based on the multidimensional continuous wavelet transform which allow to highlight these effects for target recognition or identification.

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