A Low Power Application-specific Instruction Processor for Model Predictive Control Applications

J. Garcia, M.G. Arnold, L. Bleris, and M.V. Kothare (USA)


Model Predictive Control, Embedded Controller, Systems-on-a-Chip


This paper presents a low-power microcontroller for embedded real-time model predictive control applica tions. High speed and low power consumption in the processor are achieved by reducing the precision in the data representation, coupled with using logarith mic number system arithmetic instead of the classi cal IEEE 754-like floating point. Custom architecture details are presented and with the use of finite ele ment method simulations the overall performance of the controller is provided. In order to compare the per formance with that of alternative control approaches a proportional integral controller is also examined. With this work we propose a practical solution to a very complex problem: embedding model predictive con trol.

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