Improving Off-line Synthesis Approach of Robust Model Predictive Control

B. Ding, H. Sun, P. Yang, and H. Tang (PRC)


Robust model predictive control, domain of attraction, linear interpolation, and parameter dependent Lyapunov function


The off-line robust model predictive control (MPC) off line calculates a state feedback law sequence with corresponding domains of attraction. On-line, the real time control law is chosen as the off-line feedback law corresponding to the domain of attraction in which the current state lies, or as a linear interpolation of two off line feedback laws corresponding to two domains of attraction between which the current state lies. An existing off-line robust MPC achieved quadratically stable off-line feedback laws. In this paper, however, the parameter-dependent Lyapunov function (PDLF) is introduced which obtains poly-quadratically stable off line feedback laws to improve the feasibility and optimality. The improved controller preserves the original controller's stability and continuity of the control law with respect to the system state.

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